Modern Desktop Accounting

Simple, well designed, desktop accounting software for freelancers and small businesses.

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Small Business Accounting

It has everything you need to run a small business. Payments, Ledgers, Invoices, Reporting. Frappe Books is a fully featured, modern replacement for tools like GNU Cash, Tally, and QuickBooks.

No Cloud

Cloud apps make you dependent on a service provider. A service like that is never truly free. With desktop apps, you have much more control over your data. Your data stays with you.

Free and Open Source

Frappe Books is free and open-source, so you are allowed to run it as you wish. You can even look at its source code and modify it to suit your needs.

Modern and Intuitive UI

Frappe Books is built with simplicity in mind. No more struggling with your accounting software to get what you need. Everything is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

Everything You Need

Create professional invoices, generate beautiful PDFs and send them to your customers.

There's More

And even more is being added constantly.

Make Journal Entries

Record ad-hoc accounting entries for entering expenses, opening entries, and bank payments.

Give Discounts

Frappe Books allows you to apply item-wise discounts to your invoices. These are recorded in a separate account.

Use it Offline

No internet? No problem. Since Frappe Books stores all your data on your machine, it works completely fine offline.

Keep Your Data

Frappe Books never uploads your private data to a cloud. This means your ownership and privacy are never compromised.

Use it Anywhere

Frappe Books uses the lightweight SQLite database which uses simple, portable files to store data.

View Reports

Frappe Books comes with standard financial reports like Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet.

Quick Search Everything

Quick Search allows you to instantly find what you are looking for. Everything is fewer than ten keystrokes away.

Make it Better

Frappe Books is free and open-source. You can even help us improve it by reporting issues or fixing them on GitHub.

Download Frappe Books for free now.

Frappe Books simplifies invoicing, billing, and accounting for freelancers and small business owners.