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Free Desktop Accounting Software
for Small Businesses

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Why Frappe Books?

Offline Desktop software is a rare breed these days. Offline Accounting software even more so. Existing solutions like Tally and GNUCash are either paid or lack in terms of UX. This is why we need Frappe Books.

Why Desktop?

Cloud apps compromise the ownership of your data. All your data must go through a server and you are bound by limitations set by the server. Pricing could change anytime, and you don’t have the choice to use an older version. With traditional desktop apps, you have much more control over your data and you can keep using a version that works for you.

Free and Open Source

Frappe Books is free software. This means it comes with the four essential freedoms. You are allowed to run it as you wish, you can look at its source code and modify it.

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How Did We Do It?

Frappe Books is built with our homegrown framework FrappeJS based on NodeJS and bundled with Electron. But it is still designed in a way how a desktop software functions.

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From the Team Behind ERPNext

We have been building business software for over a decade now. Learning from our mistakes and picking the best parts of our flagship product ERPNext, we came up with a simple app that does one thing well, Accounting.

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Everything You Need

From basic invoicing features to customizable invoices to advanced dashboards, we have got you covered.

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More Features

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Journal Entries

Record ad-hoc accounting entries for entering expenses, opening entries, and bank payments.

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Invoice Templates

Beautiful Invoice templates that you can further customize with the color and logo of your brand.

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Works Offline

Frappe Books uses a local file from your computer and when you create invoices, it saves them on your local machine.

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Privacy by default

Frappe Books is a local app, which means you get data ownership and privacy for free.

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Frappe Books uses the lightweight SQLite database which uses simple files to store their data.

Icon for Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Frappe Books comes with standard financial reports like Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.

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Record your invoices in your customer’s currency and Frappe Books will convert them in your currency.

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Open Source

Frappe Books is free and open-source software. Help us improve it by reporting issues or fixing them on GitHub.

Free Desktop Accounting
Software for Small Businesses

Frappe Books simplifies invoicing, billing, and accounting for freelancers and small business owners. Spend more time doing your business and less time keeping books.

Download for Windows

Also available for macOS and Linux