Hey, We Are Frappe. 👋

We are a product company at Mumbai. For over 10 years we've been actively building and sharing high quality open source products and tools.

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Our Story

In 2009, we pushed ERPNext to the public domain to help small businesses manage their operations in a better way. Over the years, ERPNext has converted itself into a beast that now powers some of the world’s fastest growing startups and largest conglomerates. As the creators of ERPNext, we have dived deeply into hundreds of organizations and learned everything we could.

In 2018, we were itching for a reboot. Some of the most common problems new users of ERPNext face, especially small companies, is installation. ERPNext is a client-server application that will be run on a cloud server. This means a fixed cost and payment to a public cloud provider if you are unable to host your own ERPNext. We wanted to fix this problem. We saw an opportunity with ElectronJS to build a web class desktop application and jumped at it.

Frappe Books has been in the making for almost two years. The project was started by Rushabh and then dabbled on by many developers before Faris decided to take it on and complete it. We also wanted to build something that was beautifully designed. So we collaborated with the amazing team at Timeless to design and polish Frappe Books along with its website.

This is a project we just started for fun and based on our own experience of what users really wanted. Frappe Books is Free Software (AGPL). You are free to use, study, modify and redistribute it as you like. What do we get out of it? We have no idea yet. As of now, we have no goals to make money out of it. If the project becomes successful (that is a big if), we hope it will help users discover ERPNext, another Free Software and choose to host it with us.


Frappe Books is based on FrappeJS, a NodeJS + Electron based platform that is inspired by the Frappe Framework. You can contribute to Frappe Books in many ways:

  1. Report Bugs
  2. Fix bugs
  3. Contribute features

Visit the project's GitHub page at https://github.com/frappe/books