Modern Desktop Accounting

Simple, well-designed, free desktop accounting software for freelancers and small businesses

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Almost everything you need

Feature packed to handle your accounting requirements

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Draft professional invoices and export them using customizable templates.

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Journal Entries

Record ad-hoc accounting entries to make expense entries and balance your books.

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Record the transfer of funds from your customers, or to your suppliers.

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Apply item-wise discounts to your invoices and track them using separate discount accounts.

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Keep track of your business' health using financial reports such as Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet.

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Quick Search

Instantly find what you are looking for within nine keystrokes.

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Data Import

Import business data from other accounting software with ease using CSV templates.

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Multi Currency Invoicing

Create and export invoices in your customer's currency.

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Inventory Management

Track and manage the flow of items and their valuation.

Simple and beautiful

An intuitive interface you will love using

Built on principles

Why Frappe Books stands apart

Desktop First

Frappe Books runs on your computer. You don't need an internet connection to use it.

No Cloud

Frappe Books is cloud-independent. You won't be left hanging if a cloud provider discontinues its services.


Frappe Books stores your data on your computer. You don't have to hand over your private financial information.

Free and Open Source

Frappe Books is free and open source. You are free to view its source code or even modify and distribute commercial versions of it.

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Frappe Books simplifies invoicing, billing, and accounting for freelancers and small business owners.